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The Bezalel Academy design proposed is based on the understanding of Jerusalem and its urban elements and behaviors.

A tectonic analysis of a typical Jerusalem Alley way reveals conditions such as a frame, entrance, connection, mysterious gateway, passage and bridge. These elements were used to compose the playfields.

Several design decisions for the main buildings and landscaping were taking considering sustainable solutions and proposing a more responsible and environmentally friendly approach to architecture.

The façade of the building is designed as a stone envelope combined with Low E glass panels that improves energy conservation and reduces heat gain.

Rain water is allowed to permeate the soil in almost half of the 2,200 M2 public plaza. The further use of permeable pavement will allow rainwater to infiltrate the soil at a more natural rate.

The use of low maintenance, drought tolerant native vegetation will reduce the need for irrigation, creating a water efficient landscape.

Operating costs will be minimized with the use of sustainable, healthy materials and products with proven durability. Materials such as exposed concrete, Dura- board partitions, and Low VOC paints, will contribute to the longevity of the Academy.

The entire site layout and specific classrooms areas are designed to maximize natural daylight and eliminate electric lighting use, thus further reducing operation and maintenance costs.

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